Strata's Project Management Links

I need to sort these, they are only loosely organized. In particular, I need to sort out softskills tools from engineering tools, so please bear with me for now!

More general IT/IS resources available at

OpenSource PM Tools

[fm] autoproject
Austin (pm) homepage
Austin: XML based proj mgmt
php Project Mgmt
mysql & php system
PMS Project Mgmt System
Web interface to FTP (no kidding); really misnamed!
really really new
big hunka java; needs swing libs and god knows what else
browser based contact, calendar, project/case mgmt system php mysql
Mozart: Orchestrating Your Business
Parsec Workflow Mgmt Sys (PWMS)
PWMS Documentation start page
Project Clock
Project Clock
onShore Timesheet
timesheet, billing, and some proj mgmt
onShore TimeSheet
CODEgrunt FAQ-U Engine

CVS Misc

CVS Log munger, date & comment-oriented views
[fm] cvs-nserver
Two Barleycorns TkCVS Page
cvs-exp: a global-picture chronological "cvs log" postprocessor
Martin's cvsauth package
cvsd - a cvs pserver suid/chroot wrapper
Hen's cvsweb CVS Repository
LinCVS - Homepage

PM & SWEng SoftSkills

The Capability Maturity Model: A Summary - May 99
Obtaining the People Capability Maturity Model
People Capability Maturity Model
Public Review of CMMI-SE/SW
Software Program Managers Network - "The Program Manager's Guide to Software Acquisition Best Practices, the "Big Book"
Software Program Managers Network - "16 Critical Software Practices TM"
Elego Configuration Management Links buying info: Punished By Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes
Book Reviews: Death March
ArsDigita Systems Journal: Managing Software Engineers
ArsDigita Systems Journal: Redefining Professionalism for Software Engineers
Joel on Software Painless Functional Specifications<BR>Part One: Why Bother?
ILS page
Learning Styles
Richard Felder: Resources in Science and Engineering Education
Faculty Home Page
Welcome to Elego GmbH
Web-based project management
ALL Project Management (ALLPM.COM)
Web-based project management
Welcome To PM Boulevard - Current News
Project Management (ALLPM.COM) - ALLPM : Products
OnTrak Project Management
Project Assistants, the place for Microsoft Project 2000 Training and more - Download Central
Tri-Service Software Program Managers Network
ActiveProject web based Project Management tool from EBS
project communication software - ActiveProject Web-based project information and communication software.
Collaborative Web-Based Project Management Tools
Linux SQL Databases and Tools
Double Choco Latte
Workflow Design
wftk -- Usage scenarios -- Chair purchase
wftk: Open-source workflow toolkit
Project Management Programs - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
How Software Companies Die
Woody's PROJECT Watch
Microsoft Project Software for project management managers
ProjectZone - a community of project leaders and project managers in technology
UCSC Extension | Business & Management | Project and Program Management
TRIZ Within the Context of the Kano Model
Understanding Customer Requirements
Welcome to Ideation TRIZ
Voice of Customer
Annie Person Can Go To School
Cross Funct Mgt
Daily Mgt
International Std
Hoshin/Policy Mgt
Published Works
UC Extension Online Catalog
Published Works
ProjectZone - a community of project leaders and project managers in technology
Tools for the Virtual Project Manager
NewGrange Center for Project Management : Home Page
eGroups : newgrange Messages :Message 1 of 2819
Fortune | Most Powerful Women
Characterizing People as Non-Linear, First-Order Components in Software Development
Crystal Clear Main Page
Complete List from Alistair's site
Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology
Front Page
Thoughts Weaver
Pattern Template
HotDraw CRC Cards
Crc Cards
A Laboratory For Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking
Roundup: an Issue-Tracking System for Knowledge Workers
MickeyMake Test Plan
The Problems You're Having May Not Be the Problems You Think You're Having: Results from a Latency Study of Windows NT
Michael B. Jones' Home Page
STSC home page
STSC home page
Big Ball of Mud
welcome to the official prince 2 website
Welcome To ITIL
FIE 98 - Tempe, Arizona
FIE Clearinghouse
Online Ethics Center:The Structural Engineer's Standard of Care
Project Management Partners
Project Management Partners - Resources
GGI Home Page
Reading Rooms Publications and Tutorials
Balsam Fir Home Page
Business Model Problem Definition Frames
Business Model Tutorial Table of Contents

NewGrange Center for Project Management : Home Page