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"...and still no sign of land." I'd love to have time to work on this, though so much of it seems to have entered the general infrastructure of Virtual Places that there may not be much point. Hard to tell how much even these unimplement ed plans have influenced things over the past few years-- things like keyed libr aries, zones of trust for code execution, etc are now part of the Java vernacula r (no, I'm not taking credit for that in the slightest, parallel evolution). Th e "context sensitive response to differing content types" model that was then ne w and shiny on the WWW has been extended to various virtual environments, etc. MUDS and MOOS went practically mainstream.

I'd STILL like to build it, though. At this rate, maybe it will make a nice retirement project-- instead of building a ship-in-a-bottle, or a new back deck, or touring the Provinces, etc, in a more traditional sort of retirement. But unless I pull the ripcord on Silicon Valley and try to find a "kinder, gentler, 40 hours a week" space, it will be years.

To those who are Doing, I say "go for it". I hope that things you find on these pages may be helpful, either as a source of inspiration for what to Do or as a caution for what Not to Do. Have fun! _Strata, April 1998

VirtualCity has been long neglected. I plan for it to be resurrected over the next few weeks as part of a packet radio to Internet gateway project. Watch this space for details! [_Strata (KF6NBZ), 8/5/97]

Welcome to the data repository for the Virtual City Network Project. I expect to be dedicating substantial time to the project over the next several months, and putting more working notes in order. Thanks for your patience during the last few months of transition and neglect of the project! [_Strata, 1/31/95]

If you sent us an email request for a character, a subscription request to the virtual-citizens mailing list, or other correspondence back when the project was announced, you are on our internal-only database and we will email you notices regarding the Virtual City Network Project. We apologize for the delay in activating the virtual-citizens mailing list and hope to begin discussion on the list soon. We will post a notice here when we are accepting subscriptions to it; since the list was never activated, there are no archives and no one has missed any discussions.

Project Notes & Documents
[] Overview of the Project
[] Initial Project Timeline
[] Notes Merge
[] Text Snapshot from VCMoo 1993
[] Map of the City
[] VCMTA Diagram
[] Some Thoughts on Information

What's New...

More Design Notes & Sketches
[] Notes with Embedded Sketches
The Sketches Separately
[] City Layout, Circa 7/8/93
[] City Location, 7/8/93
[] City Environs, 6/14/93
[] Proposed Interface, 9/21/93

In the meantime, please feel free to check out our main web entry point for VirtualNet. Watch for an announcement here regarding VirtualCity builders' access.

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